Sneak Peak at Son of Steel


Check out this sneak preview of some trouble Ridley continues to stir up in Son of Steel, releasing this November 19th!!


Internally, I am gritting my teeth while I listen to the girl across from me drone on and on. I admit, it is a bit disorientating to hear her voice. It has been over a year since Celeste Stone had come back from the dead, or since anyone had called me Ridley. Despite that wrinkle in the plan that seemed to be that Celeste was actually immortal, I still had taken off like I had decided. I had promised to lay low, even though no one in their wildest dreams would guess my true identity and role, but this girl was a magnet for disaster. After enough time had passed I figured that it was safe enough to at last return my empty and waiting apartment in Denver. Taking my chances and I figured it would be best to keep her closer anyway. Plus you never knew who else would pay handsomely for a Stone family member, especially since I wiped out most of them last year. I then realize she is staring expectantly at me, I dive deep in to my memory to see if it at least had caught what she had said last. No luck. I let tears fill my eyes and feign emotions I don’t actually feel.

“Ugh, I missed you so much!” I stammer out, pulling Celeste in for a tight hug, grasping at straws for my attempt to change the subject and divert her attention. She pulls away and we both pat our eyes dry. Worked like a charm.

“You can’t leave ever again. It has been such a crazy year with the new job, and having Keirion move in. Plus having my mom back and living so close.” She gets lost in her thoughts and I fight against the urge to roll my eyes.

“Yeah, I can’t believe how much things have changed.” I decide to fish for more information.

“How are things between Keir and you? I’m surprised you don’t have a ring yet!” My attention peaks even more when she diverts her gaze, swirling the glass of wine cupped in her hand; her tale-tale sign of discomfort.

“Things are great.” Celeste responds with such fake enthusiasm that I have to take a sip of my own drink to stop myself from laughing aloud. Pulling her phone out briefly before returning it to her jacket pocket, only to see a notification free screen filled with a picture of…her and that Prusilla girl? Interesting. I cross my ankles atop each other, my heels clacking against the floor.

“Spill.” I stare her down until I see the exterior crack. She sighs and I know I have her.

“It is nothing. Just after the events of last year,” she covers her slip up feigning nonchalance, “you know the witness protection program and him thinking I died.”

I nod along with understanding. You have know idea how much I know. I keep my mask of caring friend still on though as she continues.

“Ever since then,” she pauses chewing her lip with nerves, “he has been very... um.. protective.” I struggle to hold my grin that threatens to spread across my face.

“Isn’t that good?” I fake my desire to peddle in such a trivial issue.

“I mean, I am just trying to do my job yet he wants to know where I am and what I am doing at every moment of every day.” Celeste huffs out a sigh. “I can’t even go to the bathroom without him checking that I am okay. I thought that maybe with us living in the same house things would get better but...” She seems to shake herself and sits up taller. “I just have to be patient. I am sure everything will even out again, right?”

I sit thinking a moment on how to play this. On one hand I could reassure my old friend that he just loves her and wants her safe, that most girls would kill for a guy who cared this much. Or on the other hand, I could stir the pot. Of course I chose the latter. “Ugh that sounds infuriating. I would tell him to back the fuck off. He isn’t your Daddy and you don’t need his matcho attitude bringing you down.” I smack the table loudly to emphasize my point, causing Celeste to jump in surprise. “You know what, we are going out. Like we used to, just us girls. What is matcho-man doing tonight anyway?”

“Something with work, I think.” She replies.

“Perfect. Go home, get your favorite little dress on and I will pick you up in thirty minutes with a bottle of tequila. Switch off your phone and forget about it! Better yet, leave your phone at home!” She just eyes me warily, unsure if I am joking or not, so I go for the kill. “Unless you are content to be the good little miss sitting patiently at home while the big strong man takes care of you...” I take a final sip as I watch her decision get made with a determined light flicking on in her eyes. “Good choice. I will pick you up in thirty.”

This time, Celeste looks alive and returns my evil grin.

Let’s go play.