Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Manicalco




Kerri Maniscalco strikes again! This time with more temptation, seduction, and wrath than ever before. Kicking the book off you know right away, this kingdom is indeed wicked and cursed. Cursed with surprise twists definitely! With a beautiful, icy blue cover to match the crystal castle that Prince Wrath lives and rules, you still get the lovely morbidity that features so wonderfully in the other series of hers, Stalking Jack the Ripper. I absolutely fell in love with Emilia in this book. Yes, I found her intriguing in the Kingdom of the Wicked but she truly transformed into a badass in this book.

Miss Emilia, after the loss of her twin, descends into a spiral that upends everything in her life that she has ever known. Including revealing the unlimited secrets her grandmother seems to continue to keep from her. After she sells her soul to the Devil, we finally get to pick up where we left off and join her on the detention into the Kingdom of the Wicked and the seven circles of Hell to avenge her twin and meet her newly betrothed. As the book progressed, I continued to be intrigued by Emilia and her plan —or lack thereof—but thankfully and surprisingly she finds her own friends and allies in the Crystal Castle as she waits for the upcoming nuptials. Each day however proves to be more challenging to fight her quickly blossoming and undeniable attraction to Prince Wrath. And dang, these two are comfortable and satisfied to get it on everywhere other than their own private rooms apparently. And while this might be a terrible thing to admit--I would love to meet Prince Wrath. (Character version, not the actual daemon) His character is super intriguing and as many questions that were answered in this book, another bunch sprang up. It would be incredibly interesting, I think, to read a book from Wrath's point of view because all we have now is Emilia’s interpretation of what all is happening.

Following Emilia’s transformation into the Queen of Hell is a wild ride and one I am excited to see the conclusion of in the next and final book of the trilogy, Kingdom of the

Feared. Because oh boy – did Kerri leave it on a hell of a cliffhanger! Slow burn indeed. I am excited you get to explore the different kingdoms of Hell alongside Emilia in this book, as well as getting to know more of the other dastardly Princes. I can't wait to read the next and final book in this amazing series, though I will be sad to see its conclusion.

Happy reading!

J.R. Molt


Top Quotes:

Not everyone was blessed to look like some deviously handsome deity while traipsing through hell..

"I would do terrible things, unforgivable things, to choose my destiny. Cursed and wretched though it may be. It is mine."

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