House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas

For those who have not yet been exposed to the delight of the masterful Sarah J. Maas, I highly encourage you to pick up any of her books. Whether it be from her two earlier series, Throne of Glass or Court of Thorns and Roses, or from her latest The Crescent City Series—you will be delighted! The first in the newest series, House of Earth and Blood definitely has one of those covers that catch your eye and have you lingering to read the synopsis. From that point, if you are anything like me and the millions of her other diehard fans, you will not be putting it down until you read to the last page. (Unless you chuck it across the room in frustration, only to pick it up with loving coos to continue reading.)

Bryce Quinlan, the main character in this book is vastly different from the other leading ladies Sarah J. Maas has crafted. Yet she is no less intriguing. One thing I did find, and I have heard from many others who have read this book—it was hard to get into at the beginning. Because I think so many of us were able to find more similarities or maybe just redeeming features in Aelin and Feyre (the main characters of the two other series respectively). Bryce is vastly different. At least in the opening chapters of the book. Known widely as a ‘party-girl’ Bryce lives the high life, with emphasis on the high part. This leads to a sharp descent when the people…or wolves… closest to her are found savagely killed and her whole life is upturned. That is another thing. While there are Fae still featured prevalently in the book, it is also mingled with a ton of Nordic mythology that can be confusing to people who have never been exposed to it. Basically, the human world (Midgard) melded with the other creatures of the other remaining eight realms. This includes shifters, Vanir, daemonikai, wraiths, mer, Malakim, witches, and of course Fae. Maybe invest in a mythical creatures dictionary for this one! While it definitely adds a whole other level to the problems and dangers of the Crescent City, and the Lunathon in general, it is a bit much to try and absorb all at once…

As far as the storyline, it will suck you in a won’t let you go! Unable to escape the pages, you will fall in love, you will feel betrayed, and shocked, and most importantly you will cheer on the surprising heroes of this story. Entirely something new, this plot and world blending, in general, is one I can not wait to read and explore more of. Thankfully, I have the next in the series sitting right here beside me, ready for me to dig into as soon as I finish writing this—and I am super excited to start it!

Happy reading!

J.R. Molt


Top Quotes:

Then let's go make our ancestors roll over in their graves."

A fate worse than death: to become an eternal servant to those they'd sought to overthrow.

"That is the point of it, Bryce. Of life. To live, to love, knowing that it might all vanish tomorrow. It makes everything that much more precious."

"What brings loyalty beyond death, undimming despite the years. What remains unwavering in the face of hopelessness,"

Through love, all is possible.

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