Brooklyn Rose by Ann Rinaldi

Brooklyn Rose was the first ever story I discovered from Ann Rinaldi, and it immediately inspired me to read every one of her books that I could get my hands on. Brooklyn Rose has a beautiful cover that is what initially drew me in; however, the storyline was romantic and beautiful. The journal style of the book made me feel like I was sitting in the parlor with Rose, gossiping over tea. The love story is brilliant and the portrayal of Rose as both a young adult and yet still a child is an incredible feat. It is hard to imagine a fifteen year old girl marrying someone double her age, but Rinaldi succeeds in exploring this unusual match. I have yet to read a book similar to this one, the story of Rene and Rose is brought to life as a magical fairytale.

Rose is by far my favorite character. She is described as both a child and a young adult at the same time, which is translated so well into the story. These conflicting aspects of her character are shown well in this story, revealing how she grows into her duties as mistress of her house, yet she shies away like a young girl would from certain tasks and situations.

If I could meet any character, I would love to meet this vibrant young woman. She is a free spirit who handles most difficult situations with a maturity years above her and has an infectiously positive personality. But I also think hearing this same story from Rene’s perspective would have given a valuable insight on seeing Rose grow into a mature young woman. Seeing Rene fall for Rose from his point of view would have been an amazing addition to this love story.

Brooklyn Rose is a story of a young woman, beginning on her 15th birthday. It follows her as she meets a handsome suitor and quickly learns the ways of married life away from her home, with a man that she has known for less than six months. It is a beautiful love story that shows the bad and good times, and this young girl growing into a young woman.

Ann Rinaldi did a phenomenal job of building the world around Rene and Rose. She showed the tensions of post-war America, and that the extreme racism of the time was still very much a prevalent concern. It was done in such a way that brought just enough attention to the struggles of the time, while not taking away from the main theme of the story.

Rinaldi could release a journal of Rose and Rene’s entire life and I would still not think it was enough. I love Rose and Rene’s story, and Rinaldi’s writing. Yet as much as I wish there was more to this story, the best authors always leave us wanting more. While Brooklyn Rose is my favorite of Rinaldi’s novels, I have read numerous other novels of hers, and they are all just as amazing. Ann Rinaldi is an author that never fails to disappoint, mixing history and fiction into a perfect blend of an addicting novel.


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“My birthday." Why does one feel so special about her birthday, as if something is about to happen?

He had taken my hand and now he released it and tucked my hair on the left side behind my ear. “I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, Rose.”


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