A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas strikes again, luring us all back to Velaris to find out the next chapter (pun intended) for the whole Night Court gang! More and more I find myself in awe of her amazing stories that she continues to churn out. No matter which series of hers I have read, I find myself sucked in and falling in love with the world. There is so much to unpack here. . . So lets just start out with the most obvious: the cover! I must admit I am partial to the covers of the three prior, this one’s colors are ones that definitely stand out. The ornate mask is reminiscent of what I pictured worn by the Spring Court in the first book of the series, yet still ties in to the new story lines in this new book. Orange, grey and white — classic yet bold, and still a beautiful design.

Honestly in all of the prior books, Nesta was one of my least favorite characters. My first impression of her was similar to Cassian, the other main character of the book. Nesta comes across as a self-righteous, miserable person who was just jealous of Elaine and Feyre, and willing to just sit by and complain while everyone else does the work. Cassian is the polar opposite and calls her out on this during the first meeting, saying what all of Feyre’s new friends had been thinking after hearing her story of struggle at the cottage. Whereas Cassian would do anything for his family, hearing that Nesta had sat by and done less than nothing while her littlest sister had starved and sacrificed herself to provide for her family. A Court of Silver Flames sheds an entire new light of Nesta’s story, letting you into her side of the story and her own regrets and demons she has been chased by. For the first bit of the book, my dislike for her only grew as she shoved, kicked, and forced everyone away in her downward spiral still taking place two years after the battle against the King of Hybern when her father was killed before her eyes. By the end of this book. . . I understood Nesta and even was able to cheer her on as she began to at last coming into her own. Her transformation rivals that of a butterfly and when she at last has her wings, boy does she fly! Nesta becomes the epitome of character development and man if I ever have to call for a fictional character as back up I am 100% calling on her.

Now onto Cassian, the perfect match and counter balance to all of Nesta’s attitude and buttheadedness. Such a heartthrob just continues to break hearts across the world. His unshaking devotion to the ones he loves is beyond admirable. Despite Nesta constantly pushing his limits and breaking his heart into pieces time and time again, he doesn’t give up on her. After circumstances force them to live together in the House of the Wind, things shift and he finds himself seeing more and more of Nesta’s true self alongside the rest of us. Yet he goes through his own transformation at the understanding of his own shortcomings and blossoms right alongside Nesta.

A Court of Silver Flames answers many questions left after the conclusion of A Court of Wings and Ruin. Taking place two years after the conclusion, you get to catch up with what the Night Court crew have all been up to; some of it good, some of it bad. While getting to know more about Nesta and Cassian, there also are some new amazing characters introduced and brought into the fold. In addition to having to handle Nesta’s crumbling mental state and rapidly deteriorating relationships, however, the dealing with the evil human queens is not over and the group gets faced with the possibility of yet another war on their hands. After two years of peace, none of them are thrilled to say least, especially when the impending conflict now has them calling on the strongest unknown weapon they have in their arsenal; Nesta.

Alongside the action and character packed storyline, in true Sarah J. Maas style, is a steamy heap of passion that had me blushing nearly every chapter. The electricity that sparks between the characters jumps off of the page and leaves nothing to imagination about what these characters are feeling and thinking. As far as sexy book boyfriends Cassian joins his brother Rhysand on the list and has women across the world weak in the knees!

All in all, I am already desperate to find out what happens next for this little, yet growing family of kick-ass Fae and pray that Sarah J. Maas is working overtime and by some miracle will have it ready by tomorrow so I can devour it alongside the rest of her amazing works.

Top Quotes


“I am the rock against which the surf crashes.” Nesta straightened at the words, as if they were a prayer and a summons. Gwyn lifted the blade. “Nothing can break me.”

Rhys lifted his head. "This is a bad idea." Cassian winked. "That should be written on the Night Court crest.”

"That's the key, isn't it? To know the darkness will always remain, but how you choose to face it, handle it... that's the most important part. To not let it consume. To focus upon the good, the things that fill you with wonder." She(Amren) gestured to the stars zooming past. "The struggle with that darkness is worth it, just to see such things.”

Cassian leaned to whisper in her ear, “The first time I saw that look on your face, you were still human. Still human, and I nearly went to my knees before you.”

So Nesta had become a wolf. Armed herself with invisible teeth and claws, and learned to strike faster, deeper, more lethally. Had relished it. But when the time came to put away the wolf, she'd found it had devoured her too.


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