Why I love books...

My love for books goes back to my childhood. It all started with my parents, both of whom are readers themselves. My parents made it a big priority in our house to instill a desire for knowledge; whether that be reading, writing, math, or simple curiosity. 

My sisters and I were blessed in the fact that my mom was able to stay home with us. (despite the fact that -poor mom- we for sure drove her crazy most days!) And she was always pushing us to expand our brains. Between her and my dad, they would read whatever book we would bring them; which was a non-stop flow of any Dr. Suess book, the Rainbow Fish, Counting Crocodiles, and on and on the list goes! With this our love of books began. We could imagine these pictures that these pieces of paper and our loving parents' voices had painted so clearly in our mind, that it was easy for these worlds to become real to us in our imaginations. On the beautiful days, we were pushed (not literally!) to go outside; to absorb the sunshine, breath in the fresh air and most importantly use those powerful imaginations.

As we grew older, this was still encouraged but now we were growing up and mom and dad were busy with the other sisters that had come along, and we could read and write independently. So we moved onto the next level of our love affair with books.  During the summers, we would ask mom to give us “assignments”, which were different topics to journal about. That progressed into the Stratton Weekly. Yes, my big sister Lizzie and I created our own newspaper. Lizzie would go and interview our friends, family and neighbors. And I wrote about books, and our adventures in the backyard. Another way mom was AMAZING (an ever growing, infinite list), she would pack us into the minivan and take us to the library whenever we needed fresh books. Which was constantly. I still do not understand how she kept track of all the books we came home with and made sure they were returned on time; because there were a lot! That was our ultimate dream… if I had a book, a blanket and a patch of sunshine and grass…. UHH BLISS!!!

As we grew older, and more sisters were added to the book loving club, the page sizes of our books grew along with us. Soon Lizzie and I discovered different series that would forever steal our hearts. To name just a few for example; Harry Potter, Eragon, and the Chronicles of Narnia, all of which will always have a special place on my bookshelf.

Now that I am an adult, I still read almost constantly. I try and mix it up with a combination of fresh new books, and old favorites. However, recently I decided to take my love yet again to the next level and am working on writing a book of my own! I hope someday to share a piece of a world that I can create with another human and pass on a piece of the happiness from books that I have.

Books for me are memories and happiness. Even on my worst days, there is magic in paper and ink that can transport you anywhere. They enable you to join the characters on their quests and adventures. Books can make you laugh, or cry, or want to try something new. The characters I have come to know in my books have become my friends, and even loved ones. I think often about how they would act in certain situations and try to channel them when I am struggling with something. Every time I open one of my old favorites, to reread for the hundredth time, it takes me back. Back to the days of my sisters and me, all snuggled up together, listening to my mom read us Little Women. Back to the thrill of joining Harry Potter, experiencing the Wizarding World for the first time, and then making a wand of our own out of our tinker toy set. Back to imagining all the different places I was fortunate enough to grow up in and explore. All thanks to books and the love of them that my parents instilled in me.

That is the number one reason I will forever love books. Books are magic.


Stay awesome and spread the light!

JR Molt

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