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My Bookish Quote of the Week

"Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real."

- It's Kind of a Funny Story

About Me...


JR. Molt, or Jessica Molt, has always loved books of any genre. Her youth was filled with trips to Hogwarts, riding the on the back of Saphira with Eragon, or traveling through time with Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House series. Through her readings, she has traveled the world and beyond time and time again. Growing into adulthood, this love has been maintained and flourished as her bookshelves grew more and more full. 

My sisterhood...


Here is where the magic happens... aka Jessica's office!


Here is our little fluffy muffin, Flynn Ryder! And yes, when he is naughty he gets called Eugene Fitzherbert


Here is our second fur baby/ piglet, Odin Sladeson. P.S. He oinks like a pig when he is happy or asleep... hence piglet


Awww.. happy wedding day!


Check out my handsome hubby!


My magic note book and pages of random thoughts and ToDo notes...

A sneak peak of my edits and rewrites!

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